Thai university introduces toilets for transgender students


A Thai university had introduced separate toilets for transgender students within their campus.

The Lanna Polytechnic College in Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand, is the first and the only university in the country to have installed the toilet for its transgender students and faculty.

Footage shows transgender students, including homosexual boys who identify as women but dress like males, using their special toilets after their morning classes on February 5.

The new toilets opened this month after being built alongside the existing restroom block, which is 20 years old.

Prasit Chuduang, Vice Director of Activities at the educational institution said they have a growing number of transgender students in the school, so there was a demand for dedicated toilets for them.

He said: ‘We respect our transgender students so we built the toilets for them. There is a growing number of students in this gender preference so we thought about the project.

‘No girls or boys are allowed in this toilet, and the other students are happy to follow this too.’

Prasit added that the special toilets were named ‘Ladies Type 2 Toilet’ and were built in response to complaints of transgender students being bullied inside the men’s room.

Type 2 women, or ‘third gender’, is a politically correct term in Thailand to refer to transgender women, or ‘ladyboys’, as they are also known colloquially.

The school chief added: ‘We wanted our students to feel safe whenever they are school. The toilets are also a way to provide them with confidence that they are accepted.’