Incredible moment woman emerges from horror car crash and checks her HAIR while her husband also climbs free unhurt

This is the incredible moment a woman emerged from a horror car crash and checked her HAIR while her husband also climbed free without any injuries.

The couple were travelling along a motorway when their black Toyota Hilux hit the central island before flipping over and skidding along its roof towards oncoming traffic in the opposite lane.

Daschcam footage from an approaching truck shows how the vehicle was hurtling towards traffic before coming to a stop on the road in Samut Prakan province, Thailand, on December 21.

It was just yards from being hit by an 18-wheel lorry and causing a potentially deadly multiple collision pile-up on the busy highway.

But miraculously both the male driver and his female passenger emerged unscathed and unhurt from the horror crash.

Video from the approaching truck shows how the woman leapt from the wreckage and immediately glanced at the window before she straightened her hair and her cardigan.

Residents rushed over to help while the driver crawled through the broken window and jumped to his feet. He then reached back inside the wreckage to grab his wife’s handbag.

Trailer truck driver Wit Hehaa, who slammed his breaks to avoid hitting the couple’s overturned car, said: ‘The pick-up truck was coming towards me so fast, but I still managed to stop in time. I thought it was amazing how the driver was not even hurt.

‘They came out of the wreckage and were walking around. They were fine but the man was worried about the cost.’

A recovery truck arrived to tow the vehicle away while police interviewed the couple and took breathalyser tests before both were released.