Huge bale of sugarcane falls from truck smashing into oncoming car in the opposite lane

This is the scary moment a huge bale of sugarcane fell from a truck and smashed into an oncoming car in the opposite lane.

The incident happened while motorists Kritsada Kata was driving home after a holiday in Suphanburi province, Thailand on December 28.

Dashcam footage shows how she was travelling steadily when a bundle of freshly harvested sugar cane dislodged from the lorry in front of her and to the right.

The dangerous cargo clattered into Kritsada’s windscreen as she slammed the breaks. Incredibly, the glass did not smash and there was no car behind her so she avoided a serious accident.

Kritsada said: ‘Fortunately I was not injured from the accident. The truck driver will be taking responsibility for all the damage caused.

‘The driver should have secured the bales of sugarcane more securely. It’s lucky the accident was not serious.’