Oddly satisfying video of dirty BBQ restaurant pans being cleaned with electric scrubber

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jkz2vi15iyo7vun/VRP9241.mp4?dl=0

Oddly satisfying footage shows dirty barbecue pans being cleaned – dipped in hot soapy water and scrubbed with an electric brush.

The metal pots and pans are used to grill food Korean style and end up covered in thick layers of hard grease and burned noodles after each meal.

Hours of hard work would be needed to wash them by hand. However, owners of the restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, have built their own automatic scrubber that spins at high speed and leaves the BBQ pans glistening clean.

Footage from February 16 shows the procedure, which begins with the pans being soaked in water then held against the spinning scrubber to remove the stubborn layers of grease.

The owner of the Mookata grill restaurant, Kanchana, 69, said that before the handy tool was introduced, they had to soak the pans overnight and have their employees hand clean the dishes using a stainless steel scrub.

He said the pans would be ‘almost impossible’ to clean after collecting thick layers of dried animal fat from hours of meat grilling.

He said: ‘We used to spend all morning scrubbing away the heavy plaque on the pans, but this invention had changed our routines. Our arms are a lot less sore.

‘It was exhausting to make the pans look clean again until we made this machine.’

Now, after soaking the utensils, the employees only have to apply water over the pan and put it right over the machine. They finish with a normal rinse with washing up liquid.

Mookata added that they are able to use the time saved on improving other parts of the restaurant.

He said: ‘Now, we are able to prepare food at an earlier time because we have a faster cleaning machine.

‘The restaurant has saved hours of cleaning time and the employees are also a lot more willing to do the dishes.’