Shopper rescued after getting HEAD stuck in escalator in Indonesia

A shopper had to be rescued after his head was pinned between a wall and an escalator’s handrails in a mall in Indonesia.

The man, later identified as Rizki, was reportedly joking around with his friend who was then on the first floor of the Mangga Dua Mall in Jakarta on December 23.

While going up on the escalator, the man allegedly leaned over the handrails to keep talking to his friend until he realised that his head had been wedged against the wall.

The mall security guard immediately stopped the escalator. Footage shows Rizki clinging onto the handrails for dear life while mallgoers worked to free his head. The evacuation took several minutes, after which he was taken to the clinic for medical treatment.

Mall official Jessica Melissa said: ‘The victim was an employee of a shop in the mall. At the time, he was taking the escalator from the first floor to the second floor.

‘The victim looked down and his head passed the handle of the escalator until it was pinned against the wall.’

She added that a doctor had examined the man and found that he suffered minor injuries to the face and shoulders. After confirming there were no serious injuries, he was allowed to go home.

The incident prompted the mall manager to appeal to visitors to be more careful and obey the rules when riding the escalator.

Jessica said: ‘We have provided a warning sign on the escalator so that visitors are safe. We hope that this rule is strictly followed.’