Thai shopping mall has extravagant toilets decorated in beautiful oriental theme


A shopping mall in Thailand has amazed customers with its extravagant pubic toilets.

The IconSiam centre, one of the largest malls in Asia, built luxury public toilets with stunning colourful designs.

In the men’s toilet found on the ground floor, traditional water jars are fashioned into unique sinks while the wall is decorated with Asian bamboo panels.

Hand-painted images can also be seen on some of the walls depicting Bangkok’s canal life which crisscrosses the Thai capital.

The paintings are called ‘Sawan Klang Krung’ or the ‘Paradise of the Central’, featuring elaborate patterns that narrate the story of people who live along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok.

More brightly-coloured jars are placed inside the room with urinals separated by social distancing markers to follow Covid-19 guidelines.

While washing hands, visitors can read the interior designer’s short message of inspiration to mall-goers.

The 500,000 square metre IconSiam mall includes an indoor floating market, an auditorium, a heritage museum, and residential buildings.