Thai cops spark outrage after hiring models in skimpy dresses to hand out drinks at checkpoint

Thai cops were slammed after hiring models in skimpy dresses to hand out drinks at a checkpoint in Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand on January 1. 

The two ‘pretties’, who were wearing high heels and sexy dresses, were seen distributing coffee to drivers to help them stay alert, while officers wearing official vests stood guard at the Hang Dong district’s checkpoint. 

Locals saw pictures of the bizarre stunt and claimed it was inappropriate for the police to be using the girls in revealing dresses.

Resident Yai Lee said: ‘I think this would distract drivers and could cause an accident.’

Lek Kongkaeo added: ‘I was with my young daughter and I didn’t want her to see that. She might think it’s OK to wear those kinds of clothes.’

Hang Dong district police said they did not hire the women’s services, adding that the models were from a sushi buffet that had volunteered to give out the drinks at the checkpoint for free.

Responding to public anger over the stunt, the Deputy Commander of the Chiang Mai Provincial Police later visited the checkpoint and found that the models’ outfits were inappropriate.

He said the activity was ordered to be ceased immediately while the volunteers have been instructed to follow the strict practices set by officials. 

Police Major General Bundit Tungkaseranee said: ‘The checkpoint was put there to ensure road safety during the new year celebration. The image that has been circulated online is unsuitable, and the district police have been warned.’