Spectacular 3D billboard amazes shoppers in Bangkok, Thailand

Shoppers have been amazed by a spectacular 3D billboard that has been launched in Bangkok, Thailand.

The 52ft widescreen display was unveiled in the Thai capital last month and can support resolutions of up to 2520 x 1560 pixels.

The current ad being displayed on the huge 3D billboard has the theme of ‘Hanuman Meta: The Eternal Power’. It features the Hindu monkey god Hanuman appearing to reach out of the screen to grab a taxi.

Telecoms firm ‘True’ said they installed the colourful board to promote their latest 5G technology.

Brand spokesman Oliver Kittiphong Weeratecha said Hanuman was a prominent hero in the Ramayana, representing power and agility similar to their brand.

He said: ‘This outstanding feature of Hanuman corresponds to True 5G, a brand of smart network that is more complete, faster, and more comprehensive, with a powerful digital ecosystem to connect experiences and fulfil every lifestyle.’

The entertaining animation which is developed by telecoms will run on the giant screen until January 15, at the True Branding shop in Siam Soi 2.