Mobile animal hospital treats stray cats and dogs around Thailand


A mobile animal hospital is treating stray cats and dogs around Thailand.

The Stop Stray Cycle Foundation launched the animal ambulance in the country amid soaring numbers of sick animals, that die in pain without medical assistance.

The mini-bus travels around the east of the country searching for stray cats and dogs to give healthcare support.

Inside the animal bus, there are assorted medical tools, including an operation table, metal cages, and oxygen tanks.

A team of volunteer vets provide an ongoing campaign called ‘CNVR’ (Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release) for the found strays inside the vehicle.

They mostly perform sterilisation operations on cats and dogs. As they find several animals on the street, they are looking for more volunteers to help them.

The ogranisation was able to develop one bus at the moment, but they are planning to add more with the help of donors.

Their campaign has now helped hundreds of dogs since it started.

A spokesman for the organisation said: ‘There’s a big problem with strays in Thailand and unfortunately many of them do not receive treatment when they are sick. Many can be saved with simple procedures.

‘We rely on volunteers and donations to keep doing out work. It’s very rewarding to see the animals when they’re healthy again.’