French tourist and Thai instructor injured after crashing paramotor into power lines

A French tourist and her Thai instructor were injured after they crashed into power lines on a Thai island.

Holidaymaker Bostan Danish, 17, and the instructor Toi Kroksatan, 56, were gliding on the paramotor when a strong gust of wind allegedly spun the flying machine out of control on Koh Larn island on January 3 afternoon.

The pair crashed into a high-voltage electric pole in the middle of the island’s residential area. Witnesses said they saw sparks fly before they found them entangled on the cables several metres above the ground.

Electricians had to cut off the power to rescue the two. They were then taken to the island’s medical centre for first-aid and were later delivered to Bangkok Pattaya hospital for further treatment.

Footage shows how the female tourist was carried down to safety while the Thai instructor was cut free. Neither are believed to have been seriously injured.

Onlookers said there were strong winds at the time – common in coastal regions in Thailand during the cooler winter season – which blew the paramotor off course.

Shopkeeper Ann Srisawat said: ‘The crash happened while it was very windy. I saw the machine in the sky and was worried because it looked like it was being blown around.

‘The pilot tried to steer away from the buildings but he could not.’

Police said the foreign tourist earlier came to the island to practice paragliding when the incident happened. They are now investigating.

Chonburi Provincial Police Deputy Commander Colonel Maykawit Praditphon said: ‘The two injured people will be interviewed when they have recovered to find out why the crash happened. Officers are also checking the paperwork of the pilot.’