Ferris wheel gondola flips upside down with kids inside at funfair in Malaysia

A Ferris wheel gondola flipped upside down with screaming kids inside at funfair in Malaysia.

The terrified youngsters were riding the attraction when it went haywire at the park in Pahang State on December 26.

Operators brought the carriage back to the ground level before cutting the ride as they scrambled to free the shaken children trapped inside.

Eintan Ejam, a mother who took her children to the funfair, said she felt anxious hearing her kids crying during the rescue operation.

She added that she was disappointed and angry at the fair’s management for not securing the visitors’ safety.

Eintan said: ‘If the ride is not safe they should not allow people to use it. Someone could be hurt. I hope that the big wheel is scrapped now.’

The Ferris wheel was reportedly more than two decades old and had not been maintained properly. Local officials are now investigating the accident.

Mohd Nor Izzat Mohd Johari, Chairman of the Universal Charity Welfare Organisation, said: ‘The people of Jerantut should not enter the funfair which is a waste of money and is dangerous.

‘It has been proven that the funfair is not maintained perfectly, and even the iron is old and rusty. The operators do not know, and do not want to be responsible.’