Puppy spooked by fireworks falls into well before being rescued in Thailand

A puppy spooked by New Year’s Eve fireworks fell into a well before being rescued.

The one-year-old female pooch named Kie left home to escape the noisy firecrackers hovering over the neighbourhood on December 31 in Nakhon Nayok province, Thailand.

As she searched for a hiding place, the hapless brown pooch fell down an abandoned 17ft-deep well which was about a mile away from her home.

Kie’s owner Suneerat Aonsi only found the pooch four days later on January 4 when a neighbour heard the dog under whimpering and called the local rescue team for help.

Suneerat said: ‘My dog ran away because of the fireworks. It’s been days since I slept and ate properly, I thought I would never see her again.’

The team arrived with a bamboo ladder and climbed down the hole to retrieve the trembling dog. A team member then carried the pooch up in a basket while its eyes were covered and delivered to her owner.

Relieved pet owner Suneerat thanked the rescuers. She said: ‘I’m so happy she is now back with us. I’ll be extra careful when there are fireworks.’

The dog was also checked for injuries but she had none and was returned to her owner after being given some fresh water.