Disgusting moment huge rat climbs onto dinner plate in luxury hotel in Shanghai, China

This is the disgusting moment a huge rat climbed onto a dinner plate in a luxury hotel in Shanghai, China.

A woman and her friends were having dinner at the PuLi Hotel’s Long Bar on January 4 when the huge rodent terrorised their table. Hotel staff escorted them to another area, but reportedly failed to apologise for the incident.

The bar was temporarily closed ‘for hygiene management’ on January 5, a sign at the entrance later said.

The hotel’s public relations director said that an internal investigation is being carried out while a pest control company has been hired to get rid of the vermin inside and outside the establishment.

They said: ‘Our staff drove the mice away first, but did not appease the customers. This is where we did not do well.’

Staff added that the hotel is adjacent to the Jing’an Park, where the mice may have come from. The incident has been reported to the food safety management department, as well as China’s Culture and Tourism Bureau.