Fogging machine spews fire as workers disinfect Xi’an City in China amid Covid-19 lockdown

This is the moment a fogging machine being used for disinfection spewed out fire in China.

Footage taken in Xi’an City, Shaanxi province on January 3 shows the equipment seemingly sputtering before spitting out fire. Witnesses believe the machine may have been faulty, causing it to burn the disinfectant instead of atomising it.

Xi’an City, with a population of about 13 million, was placed under indefinite lockdown on December 23 following a flare-up of virus infections.

The lockdown is considered the most severe since 2020, when the city of Wuhan, original epicentre of Covid-19, was closed off during the earlier months of the pandemic.

Despite its neighbours in the region learning to live with the virus, China has maintained its stringent zero-Covid approach, enforcing severe lockdowns to purge Covid-19 from the country. The latest flare-up comes as China prepares to host the Winter Olympics on February 2022.