Deer rescued after falling from hill into stream

A deer was rescued after falling from a hill into a stream in Thailand.

Beach supervisor Singha Paisanwonchai was at work in Phuket province’s Nui Beach on Wednesday January 5 when he spotted the stag standing on a hill about 50 metres away.

As he continued to stare at the deer, it reportedly lost its footing and tumbled from the hill down onto a beachside road.

The animal then tried to stand up on its own, but was apparently hurt as it could only use one foreleg to steady itself. It somehow managed to limp away towards a tourist shuttle, where it lay down to rest.

Concerned Singha contacted the local rescue team after seeing the animal lying motionless in front of the vehicle for more than two hours.

He said: ‘I’m not sure whether it has an owner or if it’s is from the wild. I was afraid the injury could be serious as it was lying still for a long time.’

The rescue team later arrived at the scene and carried the deer to safety. It was then delivered to the vet for treatment and is expected to recover in a week.

Vet Jirayu Nirunwirot said: ‘We gave an antibiotic shot to the animal. The deer is slowly recovering, and it can now walk to find food.’