Updated: Terrified students flee as headmaster accused of sleeping with pupil, 15, pulls out a GUN at morning assembly

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1jqmbok348hn72j/VRP9215.mp4?dl=0

Translation of teacher’s words: 00:00- 00:30 I’m supposed to retire this year along with Mr.Tanongsak and Mrs. Naruemol, but now I cannot because of the rumours flying around. They said that a 60-year-old person such as me had an affair with a student.

1:40 – (second angle) They say I threatened the person spreading rumours around. So, I’m sorry, please forgive me. I promise to make what I’m planning to do now, even more famous than her stories.


This is the terrifying moment a headmaster in Thailand accused of sleeping with a pupil pulled out a GUN at morning assembly

Students were lining up to sing the national anthem and raise the flag when the Principal Sayan Chaleephol apologised, following accusations he had sex with the 15-year-old girl.

After he announced the school’s agenda, the director pulled out his a and showed it to hundreds of shocked students at the Thepha School in Songkhla province this morning (Feb 4).

Mobile phone footage from a terrified teacher shows the moment the pupils fled in fear.

One of the students told local media: ‘The director was talking about budgets and financial details when all of a sudden he said ‘sorry, please forgive me, I will make everyone know about this more than she did’.’

The director then put away the microphone, unbuttoned his suit and pulled out a gun from a waist holster.

Terrified students screamed and ran away in different directions.

The teachers ushered the director into a room so he could compose himself. There was announcement in the school that classes were closed for the day and that parents should come and take their children home.

Police said that the director had allegedly been having an affair since last year with a female pupil who was in grade nine, or 15-years-old.

The parents allegedly knew about the affair and pressured the director to stop seeing their daughter.

Local media reported that many people at the school knew about the relationship and the headmaster had become increasingly stressed about it.

Liutenant Colonel Thammarat Petchnongchum, Superintendent of Thepha Police Station, said: ‘Yesterday, there was a parent of a female student who reported to the investigator about the daughter’s relationship with the director. They said they have recorded it happening daily as evidence.

‘It is still in the process of investigating the facts, waiting for the results of the examination of the children from the hospital and investigating the children together with a multidisciplinary team.

‘This teacher has been the school director for two years and staff and students say he is normally a good person without any problems and often talks to students in their free time. So all of the students and teachers were shocked that this had happened.’

The teacher’s mobile phone has been called with a request for comment. A woman answered the call and said it was the director’s number, but now the director is not comfortable to talk. She then closed the phone.