Beautiful fields of lavender bloom during cooler winter season in northern Thailand

Beautiful fields of lavender and cosmos flowers bloomed during the cooler winter season in northern Thailand on Thursday.

Tourists walked through the fields to admire the pretty flowers in Wang Nam Khiao District in Nakhon Ratchasima province on January 6. Video shows rows of the lavender and cosmos blooms painting the landscape a vivid purple amid a beautiful sunset.

A total of 12 acres of flowers welcomed visitors during Wang Nam Khiao District’s tourist season.

The newly-opened tourist attraction houses more than 50,000 Spanish eye lavender plants to welcome visitors during cooler seasons.

The sprawling flower fields are reportedly owned by Mr Chumphon Jangprai, who said intends to use the site for agricultural tourism.

Thailand is currently going through its cooler winter period where temperatures in the north of the country fall to single digits while in the capital Bangkok they can fall to the mid-teens on cold nights. It remains much hotter in the south of the country.