Boy, 10, killed and five injured when helium balloon tank explodes outside shop

A ten-year-old boy died and five people were injured after a helium balloon tank exploded in the Philippines.

The child was among a group of friends playing with the gas pump at a party supplies shop near their home in South Cotaboto province on December 28.

One of the adults with the youngsters was replacing the empty tank when it suddenly exploded.

Residents were shocked after hearing a loud bang coming from the shop in their village.

Two adults and three children were also injured and rushed to the hospital by neighbours.

Shocked resident Marvzkie Muyco said he was having lunch when the explosion happened.

He said: ‘Everyone came out to see what happened and then there was shouting and our neighbours went to the house where they make balloons.

‘Several tricycles were used to take them to the hospital including a mother and her children.’

The firefighters were also called to check on the house to prevent a blaze from breaking out.

An officer from the Norala Police Station said the five injured survived but the ten-year-old was declared dead on arrival by paramedics.

He said: ‘The people inside the hut were thrown backwards by the powerful explosion. They all sustained severe wounds.’

Police are still investigating how the tank exploded and reminded residents to be more careful when handling flammable substances.