Shopkeeper shows superhuman reflexes to dodge truck hurtling towards her

This is the dramatic moment a shopkeeper showed superhuman reflexes to dodge an out-of-control truck hurtling towards her.

CCTV footage shows the woman climbing on and starting up a motorcycle trailer in front of her home in Chanthaburi province, Thailand on December 31.

Just seconds after she sat on her vehicle, a pickup truck veered off the road and careened towards her.

The quick-thinking woman managed to jump out of her seat and run away moments before the out-of-control truck smashed into her motorcycle.

The impact wrecked the pavilion outside her house, and left the pickup truck crumpled amid the debris.

The shopkeeper escaped with her life, but the two other people in the care were injured from the accident. They have been taken to a hospital and are now being treated.

Khun Malissa, who is seen in the video, said: ‘I heard the car coming then looked up and saw it coming towards me. I don’t remember thinking about anything. I just jumped out of the way to save my life.’