Adorable moment injured dog is carried on a STRETCHER

This is the adorable moment an injured dog was rescued – being carried to safety on a STRETCHER.

The stray pooch was found whimpering inside the 7-Eleven grocery store in the Minburi district of Bangkok, Thailand, on Saturday evening January 1.

Concerned staff called the emergency services and a team of animal handlers arrived.

Footage shows how they calmed the dog, believed to be around four-years-old, before bandaging the wounds on its body which it is believed to have suffered in a scrap with another dog.

In a heartwarming scene, they then carried out the dog on a full-size stretcher. The little pooch sat on the bench while looking sorry for its self.

Rescue worker Siprang Watee said: ‘This dog lives in the area around the shop. It’s a stray and has no home, so nobody knows how it was injured.

‘The staff inside the shop noticed it walk inside. It then sat down in the aisle like it was asking for help.

‘We took the dog to a veterinary hospital and one of the residents who saw us helping the dog then paid for the medical bills.’

The pooch was treated for its scrapes from a suspected street fight before being returned to the area around the shop where it mingles with the pack of other stray street dogs.