Large python hides under ice cream freezer in Thailand

A large python was found hiding under a ice cream freezer in Thailand.

A shocked shopkeeper called the local snake wrangler after finding the giant reptile wedged beneath the appliance in Saraburi province on January 6.

She said: ‘I was pushing the ice cream freezer, but it wouldn’t move so I thought something was stuck under it. When I looked down and saw the snake, I was terrified.’

Upon arrival, the team used a hook to pull the snake out, but it only slithered away and hid under a different freezer.

The reptile’s tail was poking out from under the machine, so they dragged it out and pushed the ice cream freezer to free some space.

After a few moments, the snake was successfully pulled out. The three snake wranglers then carried the serpent with their bare hands and kept it in a sack to later free it to the wild.