Overloaded truck topples over on motorway in Thailand

This is the terrifying moment a truck toppled over on a motorway in Thailand.

Onlooker Puna Pu was driving along the Mae Sot – Tak road in Tak province when she noticed the overloaded truck speeding on January 3.

Dashcam footage shows the truck turning at a slight curve when the momentum caused it to tip over onto its side. Its cargo spilled out onto the road and caused traffic to stall on the motorway.

The truck driver later climbed out of his vehicle, reportedly uninjured from the accident.

Puna said: ‘I parked my car and was about to help the driver, but he was alright after the truck toppled over. Luckily, I wasn’t driving fast as the road appeared to be risky.’

Police arrived to investigate the accident and check the driver who was released without any sign of drink or drugs being found on him.