Mother lynched by angry mob after ‘killing son, 6, with her new boyfriend’

A mother was lynched by an angry mob after allegedly killing her son, 6, with her new boyfriend. 

Nalinrat Tanomwong, 37, was on her way to the boy’s burial when she was pounced upon by furious locals waiting outside a mosque in Trat province in southeastern Thailand.

Footage shows the mob yelling at the woman while attacking the pickup truck she was riding inside. Plain clothes officers tried to calm down the people, who continued to bang on the windows of the vehicle before it drove away.

They were outraged over the death of Nalinrat’s son Saifa, 6, who was found lifeless in the family’s car with a swollen brain, a cracked skull, and a broken left arm on the morning of January 3.

The boy’s stepfather and Nalinrat’s new boyfriend, Panya Chaichiangem, 44, reportedly told police he was intoxicated with meth and assaulted the boy out of anger before locking him inside the car.

However, Nalinrat later allegedly confessed to killing her own son by bashing his head with a wooden hanger after he accidentally went to the toilet inside the car on January 1.

Police Major General Dr. Pakorn Manipakorn said: ‘The neighbors told us that they often see Nalinrat hitting her son, and her boyfriend Panya would put the boy in the car to stop Nalinrat from hitting him. 

‘The boy’s mother confessed after we told her that her 11-month-old baby girl would be placed in government custody in the worst-case scenario. She said she was afraid that there’d be nobody to take care of her daughter.’ 

The policeman added that officers are currently gathering evidence and analysing the DNA on the suspected murder weapon to solve the crime. They will further question Panya, believing he had testified to help Nalinrat keep her infant daughter.

Police have urged those who have witnessed similar incidents of child abuse to report to the Centre for the Protection of Children, Women, and Families.