Bizarre two-headed snake found in family’s home in Thailand

A bizarre two-headed snake was found slithering in a family’s home in Thailand.

The shocked family found the strange reptile wriggling through the grass in their backyard in Loei province on January 6.

In the video, the 1ft-long serpent can be seen slithering on the dusty ground and attempting to enter the family’s house.

They placed the snake in a bowl and took it to a temple to have a monk inspect it. However, the snake died later that day.

The monk, Phra Mo Tawaro, said: ‘It’s my first time to see a snake with two heads. Many villagers also came to the temple to pray to it and ask for a winning lottery number.’

In Thailand, locals believe that two-headed snakes are lucky.

However, it is believed to have Polycephaly, a genetic mutation which results in the offspring having more than one head.

The most commonly found two-headed animals are within turtle and snake species. Two-headed snakes happen in the same way that Siamese twins do. A developing embryo begins to split into identical twins but then stops midway, leaving the twins joined.