Angry ‘guard ostrich’ drives away intruder from pond in China

This is the moment an angry ‘guard ostrich’ drove away an intruder who had broken into a private pond in eastern China.

Footage taken in Yancheng City, Jiangsu province on January 8 shows the giant bird spreading its wings to scare the trespasser, who tried to fend it off with a long pole.

The ostrich was not cowed, however, and proceeded to launch a flurry of kicks at the man. He fell to the side of the pond and later slunk away in defeat.

The bird’s keeper, Mr. Sun, in a previous interview said he has owned the 440-pound ostrich for three years, and has himself experienced some of its aggression. Despite this, he said he kept it around because it guards his property well.

The ostrich had also previously chased away multiple trespassers last December 4, 2021.

Because they are flightless, ostriches have developed powerful legs capable of delivering deadly kicks to predators and humans.