Brave animal catcher grabs deadly cobra with his bare hands

This is the moment a brave animal catcher grabbed a deadly cobra using his bare hands.

The animal catcher Rex Tuklaw was seen using a rod to probe the pile of wood behind a house in Tarlac province, the Philippines where the snake was believed to have been hiding on January 6.

With the help of a colleague, they found its nest where a snake shedding was found until the aggressive cobra emerged appearing ready to attack.

The skillful catcher then used the rod to pull its tail before grabbing the venomous creature by its neck and taking it out of the property.

His colleague Richard Cayanan said: ‘We received a call from a neighbour asking help on how to capture the snake. The cobra was one of the biggest we have seen so far.’

The snake was then taken back to the woods to be released. No one was hurt from the incident.