Kind mother cat ‘adopts’ large rat into her litter

A kind mother cat ‘adopted’ a large rat into her litter.

The moggie named Kulit was seen nursing her three newborn kittens on a basket while a black rodent slept next to them in Manila City, the Philippines on January 7.

As the rat appeared to have been comfortable with the cat family, pet owner Jixson Piojo thought that Kulit had adopted it into her litter.

Jixson said: ‘Of all the things she could’ve adopted, it had to be a rat. She already has three kittens. I don’t know what she must have been thinking.’

The confused pet owner added that he tried driving the rat away but it kept returning to stay with the affectionate mother cat.

He said: ‘I feared that the baby cats might get hurt by the large adult rat. It also looked dirty because rats live in the sewers.’