Python caught climbing electricity pole in Thailand

A python was rescued after it climbed a traffic light while trying to escape a dog.

The 10ft-long reptile emerged from the roadside but an angry stray ran after it in Songkhla province, Thailand on December 27.

The snake then slithered towards a pole and climbed up to escape the pooch before traffic police discovered it and tried to rescue it.

Footage shows the snake being lured down with a long pole by police officers below.

Despite several attempts, the snake could not be pulled down and instead went even further because of the stick.

After an hour, with the help of animal rescuers, the snake was taken down to safety using a steel rod.

Police Lieutenant Vijai Namkaew from the Hat Yai police station said: ‘We tried our best but we had to call on the animal experts to handle the snake so it wouldn’t be hurt.’

The snake was unharmed and released back into the wild.