Huge python rescued after invading couple’s home

A giant python was rescued after rampaging through a couple’s home.

The 13ft-long reptile slithered across the property’s lawn before it was discovered by the family’s pet dog in Bangkok, Thailand on January 8.

As the dog would not stop barking, husband Jatuporn Thongsri went out to have a look and as he climbed down the stairs, he saw the ferocious serpent squaring up with his pet.

The house owner tried to scare the reptile away using a mop but it only crawled under the foundation of the house so they called the animal rescuers.

A local rescue team arrived at the scene and found the python curled under the concrete structure. They used sticks to lure the snake out, but it stayed burrowed inside the narrow crevice.

After almost three hours, the python finally stuck its head out, allowing the specialists to drag it from the couple’s home. They took its measurements before freeing it to the wild.

Jatuporn’s wife, Fahsuay Silpthai, said: ‘My husband allowed our dog to sleep inside the house after finding the snake outside. It was so big and strong, the snake wranglers felt tired after pulling it out.’