Lucky motorcycle passenger just inches from having head crushed after falling under truck

A lucky motorcycle passenger survived after falling off and being just inches away from having her head crushed under the wheels of a truck.

The woman was riding pillion on a busy road when the vehicle lost balance while trying to overtake another car in Cebu province, the Philippines on January 6.

Both fell on the ground and were almost went under the truck’s wheels. Dashcam footage from a car travelling behind the accident shows just how close the pair were to being killed.

The woman was just a hair’s breadth from being hit by the front wheel and the quick-thinking driver was able to swerve away so the back wheel also avoided her.

Motorist Nerie Jay Alcantara, who was driving behind at the time, said: ‘I hope this will teach my fellow drivers to be careful especially if they are on the road. These two were very, very lucky.’

No one was seriously hurt but the rider and his pillion were still taken to the hospital for their scratches.