Kind woman rescues two kittens trapped in car engine using mop

A kind woman rescued two kittens trapped in a car engine using a mop.

Tess Salum heard the noise of crying cats outside her apartment in General Santos City, the Philippines on December 19 so she went and searched for them.

The sound led her to a parked car next to their building where she saw the kittens trapped between the tight space under the engine.

To save the cats, the woman used a mop to reach for them and eventually take the moggies out of the hole. Both kittens were safe and given food and water.

Tess said: ‘I didn’t know what to do because they both looked like they could not breathe inside. I calmed myself down and thought of using the mop.’

She adopted the kittens and is now looking for their mother to take care of as well.