Cops seize 50,000 ecstasy tablets sent from Germany to Thailand

Thai cops seized 50,000 ecstasy tablets that were sent from Germany marked as coffee and chocolate.

Authorities found the two large parcels destined for the neighbouring country of Laos after they went through an x-ray machine at the Bangkok Customs Office on January 10.

The 23.5kg goods were declared as chocolates and coffee beans from Germany but inspectors found neon green pills instead believed to be ecstasy worth 50million baht.

Both parcels have the same sender name and recipient which would be coordinated with German authorities for an investigation.

Customs Control System Development Consultant Chaiyut Khamkun said: ‘It was the first time that drugs had been caught in border-crossing again since 2020, the start of the pandemic.

‘Since Laos is landlocked, anything that would be sent there from Europe must pass through neighbouring countries such as Thailand.’

The first parcel weighing 8.5kg declared as coffee contained 7 bags of ecstasy while the second one weighed 15kg and was declared as chocolates but contained 12 bags of the illegal drug.

Both parcels were turned over to the Narcotics Control Board during the investigation while authorities from the parcel’s origin and destination were coordinated.