Luxury yacht catches fire in harbour in Thailand

This the moment flames ripped through a luxury yacht that caught fire in a harbour in Thailand.

The fire reportedly started in the engine room of the vessel named Chirat moored at a marina in Sattahip, Chonburi province, on January 11.

Nobody was on board at the time of the blaze and the fire was only discovered by nearby ships after thick black smoke started to billow out of the yacht.

Staff from nearby ships first responded with water spray to prevent it from spreading before fire officers arrived to help. It was then declared fire out after 30 minutes but there was at least 18 million baht worth of damages, around 400,000 GBP.

The yacht’s captain Pongsak Ngamsanga, 46, said: ‘The day before the fire, a customer came to rent the yacht and returned it by 8 pm.

‘After that, another group was about to use it and brought food and beverages in advance to chill in the fridge. Hours later, we were informed that the yacht was on fire.’

Na Chom Thian Police Station chief Santi Chucherd said: ‘Initially, it was assumed that there was electric short circuit. The Chonburi forensic officers will enter the inspection area again.

‘The cause of the fire is under investigation while initial damage costs have been estimated to be at least 18million baht.’