Wild python emerges from blocked toilet in Thailand

A wild python emerged when a man tried to unblock his toilet in Thailand.

The homeowner had gone to the bathroom in his house in Samut Prakan province on January 15 to relieve himself. He was tidying up when he noticed that the toilet failed to flush properly.

Thinking it was clogged, he poured some caustic soda into it to clear the pipes. However, instead of a decongested toilet, he instead discovered a python sticking its head out from the u-bend.

Footage shows the homeowner carefully lifting the toilet bowl cover with a long stick to reveal the deadly python resting inside.

The man, who did not want to be named, said: ‘The python could have bitten by privates if I had sat on the toilet. Thankfully I didn’t do that. I’m scared of going to the toilet now as it could come up through the pipes again.’

The local rescue team arrived at the scene, armed with snake-catching equipment to retrieve the reptile. They found that the snake had eluded them, slipping back into the pipe and apparently disappearing from the man’s toilet.

The rescue team volunteer Bandit Chawala said: ‘We couldn’t catch the snake as it had already left the man’s toilet. But we are not sure whether it is still hiding somewhere in the pipes.

‘The only advice we gave to the homeowner is to always watch out and be very careful while using the toilet.’

The reticulated python, like the one seen in the video, is found throughout Southeast Asia. They are common in Thailand where they live in forests, swamps, canals and the sewage systems in cities.

They can kills humans and regularly eat cats, dogs, birds, rats and other snakes. 

The number of pythons coming into conflict with humans has increased in recent years, due to the rise in urban development as more homes and apartment blocks are built on green land that was the habitat of snakes.