Two reliable pet dogs stand on moving pickup truck to guard cows

Two reliable pet dogs stand on a moving pickup truck to guard their owner’s cows.

Pooches Tong Poon and Daeng Noi love helping their owner keep their farm safe from thieves in Songkhla province, Thailand.

Even when the cows are being transported to the market, the protective dogs will balance on top of the truck and keep watch.

Footage from January 17 shows the Thai breed Aspin dogs standing on the moving vehicle while a cow ate grass on the back.

Pet owner Sompong Suwanjamroon, 57, said he adopted the two after finding them sleeping on his farm.

He said: ‘I saw them in my property and decided to keep them as pets. They have been reliable ever since and help me with work.

‘I raise fighting cows for a living and I saw that these two barks whenever strangers were coming near my cows. They make amazing guard dogs.

‘I never taught them to climb up and stand on the pickup. One day I started my car, and both of them just jumped and stood on top.

‘I drove with them standing for two years and they never fell. I drive at a speed of about 30 to 50 kilometers per hour,  turn left and right and the dogs never fall.’