Crazy car park is so packed drivers have to push their motors by HAND like giant game of Tetris

This crazy car park is so packed that drivers need to PUSH other motors out of the way so they can leave.

The free area is the most popular spot for drivers to leave their vehicles in the industrial Chatuchak district of Bangkok, Thailand.

With drivers keen to avoid charges, they pile into the car park causing chaos with the limited number of spots available.

They even have to leave off their hand brakes so other users can push their cars away when they want to make space to squeeze into a slot or leave.

Footage shows how the chock-a-block car park resembles a giant game of Tetris with vehicles being moved around to fit into the holes.

Commuters have even started fitting homemade foam padding to their cars to avoid scrapes and scratches due to the tight space between vehicles.

Driver Joe Zhang who sometimes uses the free car park said: ‘I always check out this car park because it’s free and I can save a lot every month by using it.

‘Sometimes I’ll arrive early to get a sport here but if it’s already too full, I’ll go somewhere else and pay. I’m not one of the crazy people that gets their car in. If I scratch my car it’ll cost a lot to fix that, so it’s not worth it.’

Alternative car parks in the district, which is home to a large number of factories and offices, cost around 100 baht (2.20GBPP) for the whole day