Floor COLLAPSES into river while woman records herself skipping

This is the shocking moment the floor collapsed while a keep-fit enthusiast was skipping – sending her plunging into a RIVER.

Benjarat Puttakhun, 44, was recording herself exercising with her speed jump rope at a port in Ratchaburi province, Thailand, on January 17, so she could watch the routine later.

However, around a minute into the work-out the old gypsum floorboard could not bear the weight of her bouncing up and down and the structure shattered.

Benjarat fell straight through the 2ft-wide hole and into the river where the structure had been floating.

She clung onto the sides of the hole while shouting ‘help, help’ before her worried teenage sons, who were visiting the area’s Buddhist temple while she exercised, then rushed to pull her from the water.

Speaking today, Benjarat said: ‘I only weigh 50kg so I was shocked when I felt the floor break. I did not know the floor was so thin. I want this to be an example for other people doing jump rope workouts.

‘You have to be really careful of your surroundings and be aware where you do the exercise especially outdoors where you have limited control of the environment.’

Benjarat suffered minor scratches and bruises on her arms and legs which were treated with a first aid kit when she reached home.

The owner of the port also made Benjarat pay for the damage to the floor.

She added: ‘I wasn’t hurt so I don’t mind paying for the floor. I will only do my skipping on solid ground from now on.’