Chubby stray dog stuck under car due to its size rescued in Thailand

A chubby stray dog was rescued after it was found trapped under a car in Thailand.

The large mutt named Bo had crawled under the vehicle’s front bumper in a school car park Ang Thong province on January 19 but was unable to free itself due to its size.

A school director who noticed the dog’s crying while she was about to start her car engine called rescue volunteers to free it.

The team found the two-year-old stray lying on its side underneath the car. They tried luring it out, but it was too terrified and refused to move.

Instead of dragging Bo out and risking injury, they used a car jack to lift the front of the vehicle. Footage shows the black-and-white pooch running free and barking at its rescuers, seemingly in gratitude.

It was later seen trotting back to the school and mingling with other strays in the area.

Car owner Ploenchit Noicharoen said: ‘I don’t know when the dog crawled in and slept under my car. But when I started the engine, I heard a strange sound and found the fat dog trapped underneath.’