Filipino teen, 19, looks like six-year-old due to rare medical condition

A 19-year-old Filipino teen was left looking like a six-year-old due to a medical condition. 

Ralnhero Dacasin was born a normal baby in Palawan province in 2003, the Philippines but his growth stopped at 3ft-tall.

Despite being small for his age, Ralnhero tried living like a normal adult and had relationships with her peers but due to his unique appearance, he said he experienced being bullied.

He said: ‘I tried living like a normal teenager. I have had girlfriends because they told me I was sweet and kind but I’ve always been bullied especially those who don’t understand about my condition.

‘They told me I was small and that I am a freak but I try not to let them affect me and continue with my life.’

Doctors said he had a severe stunting condition which affected his physical development and left him looking like a child.

Dr Philip Baras who did a medical check up on Ralnhero said: ‘He had normal vitals and I don’t see any urgent problems at the moment but he would still have to take more tests to be sure.’

The teenager was prescribed with vitamins as well as calcium supplements for his bones but overall he was relatively healthy despite being small for his age.

Stunting is when a child fails to grow to the proper height for his or her age. The main cause is poor nutrition in pregnant women, babies and toddlers.