Shocked Thai woman finds snake swimming in her toilet bowl

A Thai woman was shocked when she found a snake swimming in her toilet bowl.

Daeng was about to sit down when she noticed the dark object floating in the water in her bathroom in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand on January 19.

As it turned out, the dark object was an aggressive snake which hissed at her before she rushed out to call her husband for help. They then contacted the local snake wranglers to catch it.

The team found the terrified couple standing outside the restroom and as they opened the door a 3.2ft-long radiated rat snake was on the toilet seat.

Daeng said: ‘I think the snake slithered into my home because the weather is cold outside and it’s trying to keep warm. It was hissing so loud at me I thought it was a cobra. Luckily this snake is not venomous.

Rescue volunteers approached the reptile and caught it using a rod within 20 minutes. The snake was then placed into a bag and taken for release into the wild.