Two dogs have hilarious ‘synchronised scratching’ session by walking alongside hedgerow together


This is the bizarre moment two dogs enjoyed a spot of synchronised scratching by walking back-and-forth together next to a hedgerow.

The stray pooches made a beeline for the bristly bush outside a university in Bangkok, Thailand, last Monday evening (Feb 1).

They then walked together alongside the leaves and branches so they would satisfyingly scratch their bodies.

Amusingly, the male and female Aspin pooches – believed to be a couple – were in total unison like a pair of well-trained performers.

They walked along the hedge at the same pace, made a synchronised turn and then walked back together to scratch the other side of their bodies.

The astonishing display of synchronised scratching was captured by passing resident Sichol Pawatnothai.

He said: ‘The dogs kept doing this many times, back and forth. I stopped recording but they carried on. They were enjoying it. I kept watching because it was just so funny.’