Adorable moment disabled dog joins army roll call in Thailand


This is the adorable moment a disabled dog joined an army roll call – believing he was part of the military.

Footage shows the male pooch, named Jaomee, standing in front of the soldiers during the morning assembly in Ratchaburi province on February 8.

Jaomee patiently waits until the morning roll call is over before he roams the camp with other dogs as if they are patrolling the compound.

The one-year-old black dog was born last year from a guard dog mother, but he was left in the camp due to his paralysed hind legs.

During a border patrol, Jaomee was attacked by a stray dog and bit his legs hard which caused paralysis.

Kind soldiers pitched in for his medical expenses and took care of him until he was recovered at the camp.

Despite his disability, the dog still grew up to be energetic and continued joining border patrols to help catch smugglers and illegal migrants.

Apiwat Meekaew, one of the soldiers who takes care of the army dogs, said Jaomee had the same brave character his mother have.

He said: ‘We never knew who the father of Jaomee was but his mother would always follow us when we go for border patrol rounds.

‘Jaomee is like his mother. He enjoys following us during border patrol rounds too. He thinks it’s his job description.’

The soldier added that after being attacked, the smart dog learned to be more careful during patrols, and is silently observing during an operation.

He said: ‘Jaomee became a really deliberate and careful dog since he was hurt before. He is cute, playful and loyal to his caretakers but during an operation he is silent.

‘He always looks after the army because when he sees something wrong, he will be the first to bark and warn us. He never gives up even though his hind legs are paralysed.’